ItCulture and morality

Dear Circus,

I know that the recent discovery shocked you. You all thought you were made in the same place. To some extent you are, in the toy maker’s shop. However, have you ever noticed that you act differently and feel different? That’s because even though you were all made at the toy makers shop, you aren’t from there. Bamboo comes from China, Maple from Canada, Birch from Russia, Beech from USA, Cherry wood from Japan. You are all originally from somewhere besides the Toy Maker’s shop. That’s why you are all different from each other. None of those differences are bad, either. Although, I must warn you, Never judge what one does just cause it seems wrong to you. because of their cultural background. To them it may seem, quite right. It all depends on where you’re from.

If there is one extreme, it’s that our origins effect our viewpoints. This includes culture, religion, cultural diversity and even family. Our home cultures are very tightly ingrained in our minds, as both father and mother has beaten in it into our heads. Grandmothers and Grandfathers will do the same, perhaps. Even what we watch on TV, (or listen to on the radio if you didn’t have a TV.) hear at school, Read in books and see in our day to day. Whatever place you live in, you adopt the culture and it makes you a person. I think when we see the other cultures and see something ‘wrong’ our reaction is to stop it. but, Perhaps that’s wrong. What right do you have to say that something they are doing is wrong? To them it’s perfectly right.  In my personal option, if they do something cultural, then fine. It’s their culture. However, If it hurts someone in the process, then it becomes wrong and I can call it out. My personal line is when it hurts someone else.


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