Rumi pt 1

Dear Circus,

Have you ever heard of religion?


“This is love: to fly to heaven, every moment to rend a hundred veils;
At first instance, to break away from breath — first step, to renounce feet;
To disregard this world, to see only that which you yourself have seen6 .

He starts out with a statement. not hinting at that this “might be love” but, instead says it is. The use of the the word “fly” does not describe the action but yet, the feeling that the word gives. The idea of liberation, and joy. the Hundred Veils are quite the same. The number expresses the difficulty and the veils are symbolic of barriers.


Bird, speak the tongue of birds: I can heed your cipher!
The heart said, “I was in the factory whilst the home of water and clay was a baking.

He plainly states that he can hear the birds, by this he means he understands freedom. and Love was in the making before he himself realized.

“I was flying from the workshop whilst the workshop was being created.
“When I could no more resist, they dragged me; how shall I
tell the manner of that dragging?”

He ran from his feeling, resisting them yet, Love pulled harder and he was ensnared into it.


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