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Dear, Circus

It was been brought to my attention yesterday, whilst I took care of the wooden acrobats. Some of us are made of different woods, Birch, Maple, Ash, Beech, Padauk, Cherry, Walnut and even Bamboo. We all look different, sound different and smell different. I’ve known this for a long time, it’s fairly obvious. However, I don’t think that the Cherry wood strongmen are better than the Bamboo Acrobats just cause they’re heavier and stronger but, I also don’t think that gives the Bamboo acrobats the right to be smug to the Ash dancing girls just cause they are lighter and more fair. All of you have value and worth. We have similar problems in the human world, so they made up a series of rules to ensure equal rights. I think you’ll find them interesting.

First, Let me start by saying, in the human world there are several factors which play in to their human rights. Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age, Social Economic status (Income.), Education, and Region. Now, all the rights are equally important. However, I believe that there are core rights that are very fundamental. That would be the rights having to do with Gender and Race. Why are these important? Well, let’s start with gender rights. These are important as we can’t have men think they’re better because they’re stronger, tougher and bigger boned. Neither can we have Women think they are better than men because they’re smarter, can give birth and are more capable. all of that is wrong is some ways. Scientifically, men are built with more muscle, broader shoulders and bigger. Women are built more slender, less muscle, thinner shoulders and more delicate. But, that’s not to say men are better or women are. Men become dancers, fashion designers, ballerinas. women go into the Military, build cars and work hard jobs. weird right? don’t those roles seem switched? Not to me. I think it comes down to passion. despite science, Men and women can be what they want. This is where the rights come in. The right to be What they want to be, pursue happiness is in the rights. That’s important. both are equal, maybe not from a biological view, but to me yes. they are. That’s why gender rights are important. so that we can all remember that we are all equal.                                          Next, Racial rights. These are important for the same reason that gender rights are important. Any race, American, South American, European, Asian , Australian or  African are important. why? If you think of The world as a clock, The whole is as important as the individual. A spring is not better than a cog, and a cog is not less than the hands. Just cause one part is made from steel and the other from gold does not make it better. That’s why Racial rights are important.

At the core of things, I think human rights exist because we naturally see injustices every day and all of us humans desire a equal and balanced society. at the core of things that what I think. We are all born with the right to make decisions. We are all born with the desire to do the right thing, in our own minds and in the eyes of others around us. They should be set upon us by those who can be impartial to any party and make sound rules.


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