World War II Poetry Analysis


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1st: The first line talks about the “aerial borders”, or the view from high up of the borders of a city. This is talking about people running from a place. The next line depicts the speed they fled, there is a sense of urgency. The ‘flowery” confusion refers to the pattern that every one fled. They search for deliverance while planes fly over head, as the people happily bomb.

2nd: they go through this forest, it is very mysterious, and suddenly as if by some chance troops came and are sneaking through the dark forest. This could also be referencing the stealth of the men also trying to sneak out of the city and through the forest. half walking in the shadows refers to the way the light was in the woods.

3rd:the sensual river is referring the the men’s desire to get in. the water was inviting to them. It can also refer to the current of the river. slow and inviting. they meet ends of the heat and relieve the heat. The peace they seek is a is across the borders from which they flee. Refuge is what they seek.


Blog #7 – “Holocaust Survivor Stories”

“Marius was the only “humane” being I met during the terrible days of deportation. On a snowy November day in 1944 at Auschwitz ( I was 19 years old), they called us together and crammed us again into railcars, 80 girls in a railcar that was meant for eight horses and sent us away—we didn’t know where, of course.” – Haya Friedman

Summary Of Haya Friedman: She was taken to Auschwitz with 80 girls plus herself by train in a horse compartment carriage. They were all taken to a town called Oberhohenelbe in the Sudetenland. there they worked with the common people in a factory. They worked there during the night. They got news from the commoners they worked with and smuggled newspapers in. She meets a man named Marius and things start to improve as they gain medicine and hope and moral too. They kept living on till they were pronounced free.

The thing that stood out to me about this poem was the message of hope and how God provides what we need in that moment and takes care of us no matter what.

Blog Entry #6 – “Nationalism”

Dear Circus,

“Do you think there is a point at which being patriotic becomes harmful?”

I think there is a point where patriotism can be harmful. When your own country blinds you from learning and experiencing a new one because your own country is ‘perfect’ the chance for any improvement goes the out the window. New ideas regardless where they come from are usual. If they are good they can be used, if they are bad they can still be used. discussing a bad idea can lead to prevention and lead to discussion of good ideas. bad or good, ideas can open up the world.

” What can we learn from history about nationalism? “

In the past Nationalism has been used to reunite a country’s people to themselves and get rid of any outside forces within. In history we see a country usually locked under some sort of power and then uniting together to overthrow this. Rebellion really, and still happens today in some ways. We see country’s come together to make a point. we can learn that nationalism is effective very often.


What do you think are the pros and cons of nationalistic thinking, and do you think that nationalism is mostly good or bad?

Pros: Country unites and comes together. people think as one and focus on preserving

Cons: can lead to problems in the future ( the holocaust.)

Blog Entry #5 – “The War of Ideas”

The best way to go confronting all types of fundamentalism and extremism is to educate oneself on the way that the group that you face thinks. Reading the Quran, Learning why they do what they do or learning about their culture can help open your eyes  to how they think and why. Sometimes showing interest can help open doors in doing something about what’s happening. Another way to confront fundamentalism would be to stay up to date on what is happening with whatever group. This is will keep knowledgeable on what they are doing and allow you to talk and discuss it with others. Another way to confront extremism is to spread awareness in a positive manner, so to not be offensive but, be constructive. The last thing you can do is to not spread negativity about that particular group, it’s unnecessary and will help improve your outlook on them.

If we want to criticize what is evil in religious fundamentalism, the ideal perspective on the world we should encourage to approach life with is unclear. The only thing I would say is, it should be a peaceful, loving, and considerate of others. That’s all. Considerate of of others is a must if they wish to build bridges. Being kind to others is right. Fellow humans. that’s all.



Childhood Rebellion

Dear Circus, you often ask me how I became what I am, However some of those stories require stronger drink than you possess. I will tell you though some, here. Rebellion Is a huge part of this process. Even you, My wooden circus rebel. I’ve you refuse to to work or feel that you’re too experienced to go to the Toymaker when you chip. I see it all, and it’s normal. almost human. That concerns me. Anyway, Rebellion, allow me to elaborate

There comes a time in ones life where we question the ones who give us answers. children ask questions  and get an answer. simple. A child who is smarter will ask “why” after  the answer is given. However, both believe to some extent the answer they’ve been given. Now, it’s not irregular for children to ask questions or to question the answers but, It’s another matter entirely when the child forms his own conclusion, turns around and says “Who are you to say that’s true?” this, is a simple form of  rebellion. When the answer isn’t the problem, and the answerer is. Some would The say this isn’t rebellion at all, only a smart child. Indeed children are, very smart. Very few children however, desire to intentionally go against the logicality of those older. It’s only when they gain a couple years themselves when they question “Why  So must I follow you? I’m not a kid, I’m smart.” and they’re right. They are smart, and not a kid. Children as a general rule will parrot everything a parent says whether true or  I not. Teenagers, work differently. They begin to question their parents words and with some reflection as a general rule, disagree in some way or another. Then starts the  journey to find the “right” way to go. Like a good educated scientist, they experiment.  This is all to say, Rebellion is healthy and even necessary, and unfortunately in the eyes of a parent, unavoidable.

Now, The reason for Rebellion varies so…let’s look at historical rebellions. Most were started because one group disagreed with a bigger part. Or felt mistreated and wanted to escape. Or felt they needed to be different because they saw something everyone else did and didn’t want to do that and wanted to find their own way. Or just wanted to break off from the larger part to become their own. Or even just wanted to prove a point of some kind. Sound familiar? Teenagers are the same in a lot of ways. The root of said rebellion is unknown and varies from teen to teen


Rumi Blog part 2

And now a short Poem.

My poem is Inspired by Rumi as it is my own take on love. I love his imagery and so, I’ve written my own following his style. Instead of flying I chose a quiet un-moving approach.


A quiet moment siting there, beside you

we are connected by the hands. I feel your

soft hand in my rough hand and wince.

You like it though…but never tell me.

I look at your face and see the sunshine

lighting the dark moon it faces. I smile.

The breeze blows and you let your hair down, locks

and locks of brown curls, while my own raven feathers ruffle

themselves. the grass in your eyes meet the earth in my eyes and the

they entangle each other. I lean in close and the doors of my words part slightly

to meet you? No, just close enough so that you feel my breath when I say

“l love you.”


Rumi pt 1

Dear Circus,

Have you ever heard of religion?


“This is love: to fly to heaven, every moment to rend a hundred veils;
At first instance, to break away from breath — first step, to renounce feet;
To disregard this world, to see only that which you yourself have seen6 .

He starts out with a statement. not hinting at that this “might be love” but, instead says it is. The use of the the word “fly” does not describe the action but yet, the feeling that the word gives. The idea of liberation, and joy. the Hundred Veils are quite the same. The number expresses the difficulty and the veils are symbolic of barriers.


Bird, speak the tongue of birds: I can heed your cipher!
The heart said, “I was in the factory whilst the home of water and clay was a baking.

He plainly states that he can hear the birds, by this he means he understands freedom. and Love was in the making before he himself realized.

“I was flying from the workshop whilst the workshop was being created.
“When I could no more resist, they dragged me; how shall I
tell the manner of that dragging?”

He ran from his feeling, resisting them yet, Love pulled harder and he was ensnared into it.

ItCulture and morality

Dear Circus,

I know that the recent discovery shocked you. You all thought you were made in the same place. To some extent you are, in the toy maker’s shop. However, have you ever noticed that you act differently and feel different? That’s because even though you were all made at the toy makers shop, you aren’t from there. Bamboo comes from China, Maple from Canada, Birch from Russia, Beech from USA, Cherry wood from Japan. You are all originally from somewhere besides the Toy Maker’s shop. That’s why you are all different from each other. None of those differences are bad, either. Although, I must warn you, Never judge what one does just cause it seems wrong to you. because of their cultural background. To them it may seem, quite right. It all depends on where you’re from.

If there is one extreme, it’s that our origins effect our viewpoints. This includes culture, religion, cultural diversity and even family. Our home cultures are very tightly ingrained in our minds, as both father and mother has beaten in it into our heads. Grandmothers and Grandfathers will do the same, perhaps. Even what we watch on TV, (or listen to on the radio if you didn’t have a TV.) hear at school, Read in books and see in our day to day. Whatever place you live in, you adopt the culture and it makes you a person. I think when we see the other cultures and see something ‘wrong’ our reaction is to stop it. but, Perhaps that’s wrong. What right do you have to say that something they are doing is wrong? To them it’s perfectly right.  In my personal option, if they do something cultural, then fine. It’s their culture. However, If it hurts someone in the process, then it becomes wrong and I can call it out. My personal line is when it hurts someone else.

Human Rights Blog

Dear, Circus

It was been brought to my attention yesterday, whilst I took care of the wooden acrobats. Some of us are made of different woods, Birch, Maple, Ash, Beech, Padauk, Cherry, Walnut and even Bamboo. We all look different, sound different and smell different. I’ve known this for a long time, it’s fairly obvious. However, I don’t think that the Cherry wood strongmen are better than the Bamboo Acrobats just cause they’re heavier and stronger but, I also don’t think that gives the Bamboo acrobats the right to be smug to the Ash dancing girls just cause they are lighter and more fair. All of you have value and worth. We have similar problems in the human world, so they made up a series of rules to ensure equal rights. I think you’ll find them interesting.

First, Let me start by saying, in the human world there are several factors which play in to their human rights. Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age, Social Economic status (Income.), Education, and Region. Now, all the rights are equally important. However, I believe that there are core rights that are very fundamental. That would be the rights having to do with Gender and Race. Why are these important? Well, let’s start with gender rights. These are important as we can’t have men think they’re better because they’re stronger, tougher and bigger boned. Neither can we have Women think they are better than men because they’re smarter, can give birth and are more capable. all of that is wrong is some ways. Scientifically, men are built with more muscle, broader shoulders and bigger. Women are built more slender, less muscle, thinner shoulders and more delicate. But, that’s not to say men are better or women are. Men become dancers, fashion designers, ballerinas. women go into the Military, build cars and work hard jobs. weird right? don’t those roles seem switched? Not to me. I think it comes down to passion. despite science, Men and women can be what they want. This is where the rights come in. The right to be What they want to be, pursue happiness is in the rights. That’s important. both are equal, maybe not from a biological view, but to me yes. they are. That’s why gender rights are important. so that we can all remember that we are all equal.                                          Next, Racial rights. These are important for the same reason that gender rights are important. Any race, American, South American, European, Asian , Australian or  African are important. why? If you think of The world as a clock, The whole is as important as the individual. A spring is not better than a cog, and a cog is not less than the hands. Just cause one part is made from steel and the other from gold does not make it better. That’s why Racial rights are important.

At the core of things, I think human rights exist because we naturally see injustices every day and all of us humans desire a equal and balanced society. at the core of things that what I think. We are all born with the right to make decisions. We are all born with the desire to do the right thing, in our own minds and in the eyes of others around us. They should be set upon us by those who can be impartial to any party and make sound rules.