Blog #7 – “Holocaust Survivor Stories”

“Marius was the only “humane” being I met during the terrible days of deportation. On a snowy November day in 1944 at Auschwitz ( I was 19 years old), they called us together and crammed us again into railcars, 80 girls in a railcar that was meant for eight horses and sent us away—we didn’t know where, of course.” – Haya Friedman

Summary Of Haya Friedman: She was taken to Auschwitz with 80 girls plus herself by train in a horse compartment carriage. They were all taken to a town called Oberhohenelbe in the Sudetenland. there they worked with the common people in a factory. They worked there during the night. They got news from the commoners they worked with and smuggled newspapers in. She meets a man named Marius and things start to improve as they gain medicine and hope and moral too. They kept living on till they were pronounced free.

The thing that stood out to me about this poem was the message of hope and how God provides what we need in that moment and takes care of us no matter what.


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