Blog Entry #6 – “Nationalism”

Dear Circus,

“Do you think there is a point at which being patriotic becomes harmful?”

I think there is a point where patriotism can be harmful. When your own country blinds you from learning and experiencing a new one because your own country is ‘perfect’ the chance for any improvement goes the out the window. New ideas regardless where they come from are usual. If they are good they can be used, if they are bad they can still be used. discussing a bad idea can lead to prevention and lead to discussion of good ideas. bad or good, ideas can open up the world.

” What can we learn from history about nationalism? “

In the past Nationalism has been used to reunite a country’s people to themselves and get rid of any outside forces within. In history we see a country usually locked under some sort of power and then uniting together to overthrow this. Rebellion really, and still happens today in some ways. We see country’s come together to make a point. we can learn that nationalism is effective very often.


What do you think are the pros and cons of nationalistic thinking, and do you think that nationalism is mostly good or bad?

Pros: Country unites and comes together. people think as one and focus on preserving

Cons: can lead to problems in the future ( the holocaust.)


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