An Analysis on Two Poems


The meaning of this poem is hard to define without proper knowledge of the language however, with proper research, Flowers are symbols of gentleness, kindness, longevity, rejuvenation, good fortune, bravery, purity of the body, mind and spirit, fascination, distinction and love. It depends on the flower, of course. However a common theme is these are the symbols of goodness. so see beauty in nature. The moon is similar in nature, a symbol of long life and the moon eternally waxes and wanes. In japan long life is a beautiful thing. so think thoughts of beauty. It seems this poet is calling out to other poets telling them they should always see the beauty and think of beauty too. (good thoughts.)



The meaning of the poem is a mourning for the desire to go back to Kyoto. He talks about how even in a busy crowded place like Kyoto he has a moment where he longs to be back (he wasn’t in Kyoto at the time.) he has a nostalgic moment where He’s reminded of Kyoto and misses it suddenly. Something calls to him and he feels the desire to be back. It may have been a cuckoo or maybe just something that reminded him of Kyoto.


I see in this culture a Desire to be in Japan. They love their country and beliefs and ways of life. They place value in virtues and home place. Have an eye for the importance of nature and beauty of it. They express themselves through art and poetry and other art forms.



Two Short Poems


Red sun with the sword


Red sun of japan

glides up and touches the sword

guided by white string




Flowing like water

moving with ease like waves do

swimming with purpose

rotating, spinning, gliding

moving in a pleasing way.




Reflecting On a Moment

Dear Circus

“the corners of the world our mere prologue.” – Rachel Amber quoting Shakespeare

I write a personal reflection to you as Senior in high school. I will briefly describe the thoughts going through my head a way to give your insight. I feel as though I am stepping out into the world. The feeling of standing on the edge of the river is similar. I’ve had my feet in the waters of the world for a good long while but, only now am I going jump into the water and brace myself for the cold shock of the being submerged. However, often when one stands in the water so long with out jumping in often they decide not to get in at all or stay content with the foot of water their legs are in. That is to say, They grow scared and feel they aren’t ready. Or they grow complacent in their situation and never move on. I feel Neither. I feel like getting in a boat and sailing. I want to be in the worldly waters yet, not in it. I want to explore and go beyond the river. This isn’t to say that I don’t have any reservations about going in though. I have doubts. Have you ever drank water from a creek? It’s more common than you think. Going out into the world and experiencing life is similar. Has anyone ever stopped to think about the nastiness of the creek water they drink? No, because it’s mostly clean. With life it is similar, When you drink the waters of the world, no matter how clean it looks there’s always things you can’t foresee. like bacteria. that’s why I have doubts.

However, the water isn’t as bad as it might have seemed previously. There’s thing to look forward to as well. Things to look forward to. Like Japan, I might have the opportunity to go to college there and also go to language school. I’m very excited about that as I am fascinated with it’s culture and people. Another thing would be more free time to pursue my hobbies. Of course making my mark on my school is something I plan to do as well. Like participating in Dramatic arts and Making lasting relationships, writing letters to my future self, encouraging the younger generation, and finishing well. I feel that to be very important.

In conclusion I hope to be sailing away, never looking back, but with tears in my eyes. not tears of sadness, but ones of happieness


from the Juggler