Rumi Blog part 2

And now a short Poem.

My poem is Inspired by Rumi as it is my own take on love. I love his imagery and so, I’ve written my own following his style. Instead of flying I chose a quiet un-moving approach.


A quiet moment siting there, beside you

we are connected by the hands. I feel your

soft hand in my rough hand and wince.

You like it though…but never tell me.

I look at your face and see the sunshine

lighting the dark moon it faces. I smile.

The breeze blows and you let your hair down, locks

and locks of brown curls, while my own raven feathers ruffle

themselves. the grass in your eyes meet the earth in my eyes and the

they entangle each other. I lean in close and the doors of my words part slightly

to meet you? No, just close enough so that you feel my breath when I say

“l love you.”


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