Childhood Rebellion

Dear Circus, you often ask me how I became what I am, However some of those stories require stronger drink than you possess. I will tell you though some, here. Rebellion Is a huge part of this process. Even you, My wooden circus rebel. I’ve you refuse to to work or feel that you’re too experienced to go to the Toymaker when you chip. I see it all, and it’s normal. almost human. That concerns me. Anyway, Rebellion, allow me to elaborate

There comes a time in ones life where we question the ones who give us answers. children ask questions  and get an answer. simple. A child who is smarter will ask “why” after  the answer is given. However, both believe to some extent the answer they’ve been given. Now, it’s not irregular for children to ask questions or to question the answers but, It’s another matter entirely when the child forms his own conclusion, turns around and says “Who are you to say that’s true?” this, is a simple form of  rebellion. When the answer isn’t the problem, and the answerer is. Some would The say this isn’t rebellion at all, only a smart child. Indeed children are, very smart. Very few children however, desire to intentionally go against the logicality of those older. It’s only when they gain a couple years themselves when they question “Why  So must I follow you? I’m not a kid, I’m smart.” and they’re right. They are smart, and not a kid. Children as a general rule will parrot everything a parent says whether true or  I not. Teenagers, work differently. They begin to question their parents words and with some reflection as a general rule, disagree in some way or another. Then starts the  journey to find the “right” way to go. Like a good educated scientist, they experiment.  This is all to say, Rebellion is healthy and even necessary, and unfortunately in the eyes of a parent, unavoidable.

Now, The reason for Rebellion varies so…let’s look at historical rebellions. Most were started because one group disagreed with a bigger part. Or felt mistreated and wanted to escape. Or felt they needed to be different because they saw something everyone else did and didn’t want to do that and wanted to find their own way. Or just wanted to break off from the larger part to become their own. Or even just wanted to prove a point of some kind. Sound familiar? Teenagers are the same in a lot of ways. The root of said rebellion is unknown and varies from teen to teen



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